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Concrete Swimming Pools

Concrete swimming pools offer lasting beauty with nearly limitless design possibilities.


Most people are amazed at the many shapes, sizes, features and elevations that can be designed into concrete swimming pools. They are superior to any other kind of pool in regards to strength and long term durability. Concrete swimming pools are also affordable and can be designed into your budget.

Concrete swimming pools are designed and then created with steel rebar. Then concrete is pneumatically applied to the steel and shaped to make the classic soft curves that you see inside of the pool. After the concrete dries an interior finish is applied and then your new concrete swimming pool is ready for water.

The Process of Building Concrete Swimming Pools

  • Start by calling Polynesian Pools and one of our expert designers will discuss your basic ideas for your backyard. We will then set an appointment to visit your home and measure your yard.
  • During the measurement your designer will be analyzing the access to your backyard in order to determine the size of excavation equipment we can use. They will also be determining the most cost effective layout for your swimming pool and the best location for the swimming pool equipment. We will also be determining the sight lines from inside your home so we can position the water features for optimal viewing.
  • Once we gather all the measurements and construction variables we will enter them into the latest hi-tech software to create a stunning visual rendition of your backyard and your new swimming pool. We will expertly design your pool based on your wants, needs, and budget.
  • Then it’s time for our designer to perform a design presentation and make any changes needed to the design. We will discuss materials like tile, stacked stone, interior finishes, decking, equipment, pricing and how it fits your budget. If you are financing it is best to get pre-approved with our financing company.
  • After figuring the cost of the pool and arriving at an agreeable price an agreement needs to be completed that spells out all of the dimensions, features and materials of the design. From this we will draft a construction plan that can be presented for a building permit.
  • While we are getting permits the job will be released for layout. Your new Polynesian Pool design will be painted on the ground in your backyard. This painted outline will be used to excavate your new concrete swimming pool.
  • At this point the construction department will take over the project and begin scheduling the phases of the building process as follows:
    • Excavation and Hand Contouring – Keep pets and children away from the project at all times
    • Plumbing and Pressure Testing – Schedule 40 PVC will be installed and sealed to maintain pressure to insure the integrity of the plumbing throughout the build. If a gas line is needed it will be installed as well.
    • Steel Reinforcement – Steel re-bar will be installed per the engineering standards and formed to the dimensions of the pool.
    • Electrical Installation and Bonding – the electricians will install your panel, conduit and wiring connected to your main panel. Safety bonding the pool is done now to meet code.
    • Inspection - The first inspection will determine if the concrete pool shell can be scheduled.
    • Gunite Shell – The concrete will be pneumatically applied and shaped to the proper slopes and elevations. The shell need to be water cured for 7 – 10 days.
    • Water Features and Tile – After curing of the shell, the water features and tile can be installed.
    • Grading, Decking and Barriers – Final grading and the installation of any special coping and/or concrete decking. The walls, gates, doors and windows need to be brought to code.
    • Final Inspection – After supervisors feel the project is compliant with all codes and regulations a final inspection will be performed.
    • Interior Pool Finish – The interior finish will be applied and hand contoured in the pool shell.
    • Water Fill – Right after the finish is applied the plastering crew will begin filling the pool.
    • Start Up – Our professionals will start your pools circulation system and balance the water chemistry. We will give you an in depth orientation of all your pools features and how to control them.

Congratulations you are ready to begin enjoying your new swimming pool. You will also join the long list of happy Polynesian Pool customers and can be added to our glowing testimonials section.

Remember if we build a pool for anyone that you personally refer to us you will receive a 500.00 visa gift card!